Doctrine is a drum and bass producer out of Belgium with whom most heads should be familiar by now. He began his project in 2011, and he garnered interest almost instantly from the likes of Invisible Recordings, Blackout, Bad Taste and now RAM.

“Thunder” is Doctrine’s newest release on RAM. Part of the RAM25 series, “Thunder” is the b-side of “Panopticon”, a track released earlier this month. “Thunder” is both heavier and techier than “Panopticon”, but also contains a surprising full vocal track from Shae Jacobs. The techy, dark jump up paired with Jacobs’ pop/grime vocals makes “Thunder” a dancefloor banger which also has something for his core group of neuro fans.

The “Pantopicon”/”Thunder” single is available now on digital format on the RAM website, with a vinyl release forthcoming.