If you’ve been to any bass show in the past 6 or so months, I can guarantee with 90% certainty that you heard “Whistle Wars” by Kayzo. It’s been a part of artists’ sets for so long, now that it’s out, I’m almost tired of it already.


I listen to the full song and not just the drop that a DJ would play out, and I have a chance to really appreciate the intricacies of the track. Yeah, the drop is fucking insane and what 99% of that 90% of people who’ve heard it know of, but the rest of the track features some really good songwriting.

The second part of the first drop especially features a nice switch up, but it’s the bridge in between the first and second drop that impresses me most. The delicate piano notes and rising synths, not to mention the breaks, really present a new side of Kayzo that most people wouldn’t hear in a typical DJ set.

So with that, check out “Whistle Wars” in its full glory below.


Photo via Scotch Photos for Wobbleland