Mamby on the Beach has always strived to bring something different to the table; to showcase a beautiful venue, to expand musical tastes, and to allow attendee’s a chance to feel the sand in-between their toes without a care in the world. Thats why they wanted to take things even further in 2017 with the introduction of their “More Than Music” series.


If you have attended Mamby before then you are no stranger to the sprawling grass walkway you take into the festival and you already know how it is littered with different art installations to help enhance the atmosphere around you. Not only will you get to take those pieces in but you will also be able to witness live painting demonstrations by local spray paint artists Afro Killa, Don Mega, Leekovision and more. On top of that you will also be able to enjoy the heat provided by the live fire performance by the Pyrotechniq and Chicago Moon Fire Jams as they spin and dance all while bending the flames to their will. No matter where you turn at Mamby you will be able to soak in the beauty that so many different people have crafted for everyone to enjoy.

Health & Wellness

To be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest one must be at their fullest in terms of happiness and well-being. Which is why Mamby has felt the desire to give back to its attendee’s by hosting wellness workshops and yoga sessions. Returning this year is the Burning Man art car, Solarbeatz. This art car is a mobile soundstage and performance venue that is the pinnacle of clean energy, it’s all run off the sun’s rays! Solarbeatz will be the host of many activities across the two days, including silent disco yoga. These sessions, put on by Nadi Yoga (a collective of wellness-minded individuals all seeking to create movement within ourselves and one another), will be done in the vinyasa style and available at all skill levels.

On top of that a multitude of different wellness workshops will be provided for attendee’s to be able to enjoy for free.

Mastering Everyday Movement & Finding Time for Play: Functional Movement that Encourage Longevity & Lifelong Mobility

Nike trainers and founders of Live Better Co., Jason Loebig & Bret Gornik, will be walking fans through a complete series of “functional movement” that aim to help promote lifelong mobility. This workshop will have a strong focus on grounding, walking, hiking, pushups, pull-ups, squatting, carrying weight in unevenly distributed ways, and challenging yourself to always try something new. It is a perfect way to be able to refresh yourself mid-day in order to keep your feet moving in the sand to your favorite artist and will also give you tools to continue to lead a fluid and mobile life even after the festival ends.

Barbecue Season Tips: Strategies to Defend Your Health When Charring, Smoking, and Grilling Foods

One of my favorite parts about warm weather is being able to walk around different neighborhoods and smell the distinctiveness of a BBQ in someone’s backyard. The downside of that is that those smoked meats aren’t always the healthiest to put into your body, which is why Mamby wants to give you the tools to defend your health! This interactive course will provide information about the toxins caused by smoking and grilling meats, and the proper ways to protect ourselves from the harmful effects. From the use of marinades and low & slow methods, to a roundup of useful herbs, grill accessories and cooking oils; the Barbecue Tips workshop is the perfect way to prepare for the grilling season ahead.

Sanitize Smarter: Using Essential Oils & Intentionally Getting Dirty

Certified health coach, Marissa Moon, will lead this workshop in order to teach Mamby goers about the body’s natural, germ-fighting resistance and some of the history behind our modern “sanitized nation”. She will be able to walk everyone through the different milestones that have led to society that is obsessed with sanitation and prove why the human body still wants to get dirty. Moon will also lead a Q&A session with Herbalist Monica Yearwood to help give answers in regards to essential oils effectively and sanitizing smarter in the modern world.

Optimize Your Mind: Diet, Mindfulness & Lifestyle Approaches to Encourage Brain Cell Growth & Resilience at Any Age

Once again Moon will provide an in-depth look into “neurogenesis” – the process of growing new brain cells. This workshop is perfect for those individuals who share an interest in the brain as well as making important lifestyle choices that protect it. You will be able to learn what kind of foods both promote and inhibit brain health, what lifestyle habits affect neurogenesis, and how to prioritize your brain for maximum vitality.

Sexuality & Relationships

Sex and relationship coach, Caitlin V, will be present conducting a workshop for attendee’s who are interested in promoting positivity in these area’s of their life. You will be able to participate in her themed workshops over the course of the weekend which will include things such as “Self-Love and Self-Care”, “Being in Relationships”, and “Love and Light Heartedness”.

Fashion & Beauty

It’s time to feel refreshed and up your festival looks with the dedicated Henna Art tattoo station, Body Art Dome, and Red7 Salon “Beach Beauty Oasis” Braid Bar. Attendee’s will be able to get the chance to choose between beautiful henna designs drawn on their body to help accentuate their look, magical airbrushed art and metallic designs to give a crazy pop of color to themselves , or get the perfect beach hair-do so you no longer have to worry about getting your hair in your face when you’re grooving to some tunes through the night.

Beach-Friendly Games

What better way to enjoy a perfect day at the beach than getting down and dirty in a game of volleyball or perhaps getting your frustration out with a well thrown water balloon. Each day you’ll be able to group up at 5:15pm in front of the Beach Stage for the Beach Battle Royale Water Fight; a perfect way to have a great time with friends and an easy way to beat the summer time heat! But in case getting soaked isn’t your cup of tea then maybe you’ll want to serve it up during a round of beach volleyball games put on by Chicago Sport & Social Club each day!

Louder Than a Bomb

By partnering with Young Chicago Authors, Mamby brings something fresh to the table this year. On Sunday, June 25th, will be treated to a sampling of the organization’s most acclaimed event: Louder Than A Bomb. Known as the largest youth poetry festival in the world, Louder Than A Bomb is a tournament-style poetry festival where students represent their schools through original solo and group performances. At Mamby, Young Chicago Authors will provide an entire day of engaging live pieces and activities including madlibs, wordplay games and more starting at 2 PM, headlined by The Bomb Squad live poetry performances and a curated open mic sessions at 4 PM.

YCA has grown to become a major part of of the city’s cultural landscape. YCA’s programs serve as an introduction to and immersion in a vibrant literary community that transcends cultural and socio-economic boundaries. This event will be a perfect way to express and connect with like-minded individuals around you as well as diving deeper inside ones own self.