The California Senate just voted to pass a landmark bill to extend last call to 4am!

This is huge news, and will no doubt work to further boost an already popular nightlife scene, especially in cities like Los Angeles. The city of Angels is well known as one of the biggest cities for music and EDM in the world.

The bill does not force communities to extend hours this late, however localities are allowed to extend the hours to 4am if they see fit; and considering the easily cleared vote-to-pass, we expect many cities to be welcoming this with open arms should it pass through the Assembly and be signed by the Governor.

BRB I’m booking my flight to LA…

The Senate just passed my 4 a.m. nightlife bill – allowing, but not requiring, local communities to let their bars and…

Posted by Scott Wiener on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Photo by | H/T Mixmag