Technique Recordings has put together a massive all drum and bass compilation for this summer, with a full 50 tracks contributed by artists ranging from Ill Truth and Invaderz to Aquasky and Your EDM’s own favorite dream team, Consouls. Most of the tracks are inspired by summery vibes, with lots of liquid and vocal tracks and many have been pre-released before the June 2 drop date tomorrow, but Technique had one more track to premiere today, Murdock’s “Arrival”.

“Arrival” is a fun mashup with a lot of funk to it, but it also has a distinctly jump up beat which sort of sounds like early Pendulum. Its beat and the pop-style melody make “Arrival” a great dance floor track, but it also has a real edge to it with its melodic yet futuristic EDM-style synths. It’s a summery, danceable track but also has the staying power of something heavier and more technical.

The full Technique compilation will be released tomorrow, June 2 and can be pre-ordered by clicking here. “Arrival” is available to stream now exclusively below.