It’s time producers slow down before accusing others of copying them. Last May, it was Diplo and DJ Snake calling out David Guetta over a supposed copy of their hit “Lean On.” Upon further examination, the two tracks had a slight resemblance but nothing you would call a rip off.

Now, we’ve got A-Trak calling out Apple over an iPhone commercial that he says is a “carbon copy” of the video from “It’s You” by Duck Sauce.

Both videos are set in barbershops, but that’s about where the similarities end. For “It’s You,” you’ve got crazy effects on hair and neon-lit dance parties with a group of barbers. For the iPhone, you have what supposed to be a marketing device, showing off how great the iPhone camera is and how it can affect sales. The concepts between the two could not be more different, nor could the execution. The similarities start and end at the setting.

At this point, “It’s You” also copied Barbershop and Coming To America… you see how ridiculous the argument is.

If A-Trak had come out lightly ribbing Apple for the similarity there wouldn’t be an issue. But it’s the use of the phrase “carbon copy” that has us feeling like we need to hand the Fool’s Gold founder a dictionary.

Watch both videos below.