We can all remember the absolutely scathing comparison of The Chainsmokers to Nickelback penned by Matt Miller for Esquire this past January. Probably the scariest part of the comparison was that it touched on a number of very real points and made a solid case for itself. Both Nickelback and The Chainsmokers responded to the critique in good fun with their own parodies of the others’ songs.

Nickelback just appeared on PEOPLE Now for a brief interview, and were asked what advice they had for The Chainsmokers in response to criticism, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger says, “Don’t Google yourself […] If you’re looking for the negativity it’s easy to find.”

The Chainsmokers released their debut albumĀ Memories… Do Not Open to extremely mixed reviews. (Read ours here.) And despite a number of negative reviews, they’ve still managed to mostly sell out a massive stadium tour across the country and top the charts.

See what Nickelback had to say below.


Photo illustration by Kelly Sherin