It’s that time of year again. That gloriously familiar season where hundreds of thousands of music connoisseurs (including myself) gather under the electric sky to ignite the memories we’ll cherish for a lifetime. As we impatiently count down the days until we collectively reunite under the electric sky, indulging in some of the year’s finest tunes is an absolute must to pass the time. Luckily for us, Insomniac Records has us covered.

Featuring 40 monumental tracks with conjoining artists from every side of the spectrum, this exceptional compilation quenches the thirst of music lovers universally. That being said, we’ve all got our preferences. My preference of course, is with the darker side of the album.

Des McMahon hones in on his signature talents with a vengeance, delivering “Resonant” to anyone with a lust for drum and bass. This epic appendage of his own mind commences with filtered chords that will send angsty shivers down your spine. As the bass melts through teasing listeners in the most fantastic fashion, the man himself drops into one of the hardest tunes on the release. Well done.