In 2012, Rob Swire and thus Pendulum announced that they would be taking a hiatus from live shows for the foreseeable future. While Rob and Gareth focused on their newly formed Knife Party, El Hornet continued to perform Pendulum DJ sets, though it was never really quite the same.

Then, out of nowhere, Pendulum announced a live reunion in 2015 for Ultra Music Festival the following year. And even though it was a sort of truncated set, playing half as Pendulum and half as Knife Party (with a deadmau5 cameo to boot), our appetites were whetted and we wanted more.

Pendulum and Ultra then announced that the band would be touring around the world as a headliner for their Road To Ultra series, hitting markets in Asia and Europe. The first of those events was yesterday in Korea, and thankfully, a lot of the set was captured on Pendulum’s Instagram story.


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This was the firstย full Pendulum set that the band has played since 2012. Check out some of the highlights below.


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