I get a lot of emails each and every day from producers looking to get their music featured on Your EDM, and for the most part, I’ve had to implement a rudimentary rubric for acceptance. Unfortunately, that means that if I don’t recognize your name, you have a smaller chance of me listening to you. However, I do sometimes throw that rubric aside if I’m so inclined, and I’m glad I did for this fresh remix fromĀ Minno.

A Kanye remix on its own is pretty ballsy, but using “Touch The Sky” is an extremely interesting choice, as a less-known track from Kanye’s 2005 albumĀ Late Registration. That being said, the remix is nothing short of spectacular, blending trap and future bass with Yeezy’s now-classic vocals. And of course, anyone who follows my reviews knows I’m a sucker for horns, so that final drop is absolutely orgasmic.

Minno is definitely a newcomer, but with a pretty solid brand and an even more polished sound working for him, expect to see him a lot more this time next year.