Mija is a special kind of artist with a knack for creating the perfect combination of happy hard beats that will sucker punch you in the feels while you rage out of your mind!

The OWSLA DJ/producer’s latest 4-track release Time Stops offers exactly that, and more. At first notice, one might think it’s a typical EP, but this body of work serves as the soundtrack to her forthcoming visual project, a collaborative effort with Ryan Forever and David Dutton of 8-Bit Cinema, due out soon.

Time Stops is an impressive, introductory 8-bit trip through Mija’s style and sound that promises her bright future in the music industry and beyond. While Mija’s debut EP is expected this fall, in the meantime Time Stops delivers unlike anything else out there. Let’s dig in…

“that one time […]” you called me but we got disconnected so you rode ur bike to my house and got hit by a car :/

This track opens with subconscious and realistic blips alike, that eventually reel into a equality bubbly and heavy drop that will leave you wanting more. Luckily, there are 3 more tracks to get through, and this is just the intro to what Mija is capable of.

“time stops” when i’m with u

If you’ve been to a Mija show recently, you’ve heard this track play out. The ability for this song to literally stop time is equally tangible during her sets and whilst when zoning out through a pair of headphones or speakers at home. If you want to pause life for 3:10, then just press play.


This is my personal favorite. “d!e” truly sets the scene for the visual project that has yet to be seen, with a blend of video game sounds, drum and bass, electro house elements, and “a little 8-bit machine that refuses to die”… Let your imagination run wild with this one!

“never b alone”

If you really want to hear what Mija is all about, well, she wrote/produced/mixed/mastered this track in less than 24 hours — so it should give you a good idea of her raw artistry. The message is clear, listen to this, vibe to this, and you’ll “never b alone.”

Listen to Mija’s full Time Stops soundtrack below, and get ready for her debut EP expected this fall!

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