Think about what life was like more than 7 years ago…

If it seems a little unmemorable, bland, or without purpose, it’s probably because the world didn’t yet know My Name is Skrillex — Sonny Moore’s debut EP that changed electronic dance music forever.

On June 7, 2010 Skrillex hit the scene with a bang, releasing the otherworldly 6-track dubstep EP for free. Those who loved it, f*cking loved it. And, those who didn’t were still forced to pay attention, because Skrillex was meant to be heard, and here to stay.

My Name Is Skrillex, an instant classic boasting the title track “My Name is Skrillex,” “WEEKENDS!!!,” “Fucking Die 1” (probably my favorite Skrillex track of all time), “Fucking Die 2,” “Do Da Oliphant,” and “With You Friends,” was unlike anything ever heard by human ears before. At the time, it was truly ahead of its time.

Since 2010 Skrilly has blessed us with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Bangarang, Recess LP and plenty more, with an impressive list of seemingly endless collaborations to match. Fast forward to now, and Skrillex is arguably the most in-demand producer in the game.

Now, with all that in mind, listen to My Name Is Skrillex again and think about the last, much crazier 7 years… And, be thankful we don’t have to live a life without his music.