As avid music consumers we have spent our lives relentlessly searching for new sounds. Scouring the internet, live shows, and databases, we are determined to hear as much as our ears can handle, which is saying a lot. It comes hand and hand however, that we are conditioned to accept that inevitably much of the music we hear today has been made before. Tweaked and updated, but still, versions of things that have already come into being. Thus it is our mission to seek out the new sounds, the vibrant and exciting music that causes us to twitch with intrigue. That which has not been made before has become the Holy Grail, and we are on a quest to find it.

In this new track by London based producers Skit and Kareful, “Palace,” I was introduced to a sub-genre in the electronic music scene that I didn’t know even existed: Wave. I asked the two longtime friends to explain what exactly this movement was, and I was delighted by what I learned.

“The style of music many people now categorize as “wave” has been around for some time, it lived a secret life in the deep, dark depths of Soundcloud and Youtube. It was birthed from the cloud rap era of hip hop to be honest that really changed a lot of stuff in music in general that whole 2010 – 2012 era of hip hop and beat music… Now there’s definitely a more distinct sound to wave music as the scene has grown from a handful of people to hundreds of producers the stereotypical sound now is music that is between 110 and 130 bpm has a heavy presence in the low end with a low passed and detuned reese bass, lots of different high register synth melodies that are heavily reverbed, distorted or FX heavy vocal chops and usually trap style hats and snare drum. It mainly has a very emotive/sombre and dark feel to the music too.”

“Palace” is the third collaboration from these two innovators, who are constantly trying to evolve this sound.

“This track is quite an accurate representation of what a Skit & Kareful collaboration sounds like. We have done a fair few tunes together now and if you listen back to our previous releases ‘Luminoscity’ and ‘Lotus’ this is definitely a natural progression from that. Our inspiration for this tune was that we wanted to make something that was definitively a wave track but was more uplifting than sombre and melancholic… It’s a great example of what wave really is; it contains many of the key generic elements, while staying fresh sounding.”

Releasing today on the newly minted VAYPOR label, this is surely a track that you do NOT want to miss out on. And if you are looking to broaden you musical horizons, be sure to keep an eye on this label and these visionary artists, and the movement that you now know is “wave”! Check out “Palace” below right now!