7 years ago today, Krewella embarked on the journey toward the musical career they always felt they deserved. Though all the ups and downs, no one can deny that Krewella has achieved massive success with their music. On this anniversary, the sister duo has released their anticipated EP, New World Pt. 1.

They released an EP last year, Ammunition, though it was more of a cathartic release necessary as the first full release after the departure of Kris Trindl who had been a part of the group since its inception. This new release, New World Pt. 1, is the antithesis of Ammunition – anthemic and full of life.

“Our journey over the last few years has led us to the creation of New World and our independent label Mixed Kids Records,” say Krewella. “Our multi-cultural upbringing as half-Pakistani females raised in a modern, western world has shaped us as artists and influenced how we make music. This new EP embodies our evolution as musicians who have unapologetically embraced our cultural roots, sexuality, and sonic experimentation regardless expectations. New World represents all the positive progression that has happened on Earth through diversity.”

In celebration of the new EP, tomorrow June 9, the girls will be throwing a release party at the neo-futuristic art and clothing shop, Congruent Space, in Chicago, prior to performing at Spring Awakening Festival on Saturday. The event will go 12-3 PM CT.

Fans will only need to download the WAV app to gain entry into the party.
For those who cannot physically be there, the entire party will be live streamed on the WAV app.

Fans can still expect more music coming soon, including New World Pt. 2 by the end of the summer.