Diplo has pretty much worked with everyone under the EDM, hip hop, and pop sun…

Until now, we thought it was peculiar that he hadn’t collaborated with one of the biggest influencers in music — Drake — but as it turns out they’ve tossed ideas around and even made a demo together. Unfortunately, their track didn’t make the rapper’s album, so we might not ever get to hear it.

In an interview with Whoolywood Shuffle (jump to 7:13), Diplo revealed the likely possibility we’ll hear something from them someday.

“I’m always down for Drake,” Diplo said. “He’s like one of my favorite current artists right now.”

Let’s hope these guys team up for an official release soon because we need some Diplo x Drake action in our lives!

The producer also talks Major Lazer, rappers XXXTentacion and Lil Yachty, and promises he’ll be releasing a lot of hip hop music soon!


H/T: EDM Sauce | Photo: Rukes