There’s no questioning it, Kayzo‘s “This Time” is currently his biggest solo single to date. The track has amassed over 2 million plays across YouTube, SoundCloud & Spotify, and has seen major support at festivals worldwide throughout 2017 by DJs like Crankdat, k?d and Jauz.

Whether the song needed a fixing or not is debatable, but producers left and right have been trying their hand at giving it a twist, but only to a certain degree of success. However, two North American up-and-comers – Greater Than and AWAL – may have just broken that streak.

This particular bootleg doesn’t just give “This Time” a stylistic treatment, it completely flips the song on its head. The bootleg retains the original’s integrity in large part with its epic stabs and heavy percussion, but also gives the track a much greater level of zaniness, swapping back and forth between bouncy & energetic hardcore drops and grittier brostep segments. Simply said, GT & AWAL’s take on “This Time” is a bass music hybrid of epic proportions; you don’t wanna miss this.

Listen to the bootleg and grab a free download below:

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