A near record-breaking crowd of 135,000 people came out for the last night of Electric Daisy Carnival 2017 — making a for approximately 400,000 attendees partying down under the Electric Sky in Las Vegas over the weekend!

With the exceptionally large crowd, came a significant amount of arrests, as Metro Police reported 38 felony arrests over the final day of EDC, compared to 28 on Saturday (day 2) and 29 on Friday (day 1). Last year, there were a record number of 40 arrests made in the final day of the music festival.

Police also revealed they made three misdemeanor arrests, handed out six misdemeanor citations, and issued four DUIs yesterday.

According to this concise report from the Las Vegas Sun, authorities responded to 342 medical calls Sunday, tallying up to 1,090 total medical calls over the entire weekend (almost double from EDC 2016’s total: 617).

A total of 282 ejections were made over the weekend, 87 of which came from the final day.


Day 1

Day 2

Medical Calls: 1,090

Ejections: 182

Felony Arrests: 95

Source: Las Vegas Sun | Photo via Freedom Film LLC for Insomniac