MYLK, the Japanese born UK artist, has just released a tune in tribute to those affected by the recent Manchester and London attacks. The track was created to express MYLK’s message that we should lift each other up, be proud of who we are, and unite as one. She says,

“I live in Manchester and following previous and recent terror attacks, people seem to still discriminate others for the colour of their skin or their religion especially on social media. I made this track to let us all remember that we’re all in this together no matter what.” 

It is important to realize that at the end of the day, we are human and are all trying to figure out this crazy thing called life together. The uplifting beat and wise lyrics remind us of the importance of banding together as humans to support each other. The track makes the complex issues of existentialism, religion, racism, and hate more easily digestible, creating a light-hearted way to remember the devastating events and unite with one another.

Check out the tribute track below: