First-time premieres on Your EDM are always a special occasion, as we get to showcase new and exciting music, as well as the artist gaining significant exposure. We’re happy to premiere for the first time a new song by¬†LA-producer¬†EARSLEY, called “Endeavor.”

Earsley sang and played guitar on the track himself, a blend of rock and future bass elements with just a twinge of early-2000s emo thrown into the mix. “Endeavor” has a surprising amount of depth between the lyrics and the interplay of synths and rhythm. Even the vocal chops, typically a maligned and overused element in songs these days, are used to brilliant effect in a melodic fashion.

There’s also something to be said about the vocal processing and Earsley’s own performance in the track; he’s staying within his vocal range, that is to say, he’s not overextending himself or ruining his own vocal identity by trying to hit notes he can’t hit and then just autotuning. It shows an intelligence and restraint in production that is worthy of mention.

Check out “Endeavor” below and grab a free download if you dig it.