Up-and-coming producers Holly and Max Styler teamed up this week to release a deadly trap concoction, “Bookoo Bucks,” coming as a thrilling and highly experimental amalgam of harsh synths and fierce rhythms. Featuring an unmistakable blend of the two’s unique, wild production styles and a back-breaking percussion section, the track stands as an instantly classic banger worthy of any festival main stage.

In an email interview, Holly revealed his excitement about receiving the chance to create a collaborative track with Max Styler.

“We made like three versions of this track before coming out with the actual final one. I’m super happy about the fact that I worked with Max. Been following his work for a while and sharing my art with him is something that really makes me thrilled. Enjoy!” — Holly

“Bookoo Bucks” begins with an array of shimmering synthesizers and a pitched up vocal loop, before an encroaching series of claps leads upwards toward the drop. Suddenly, a loopy, metallic lead synth and rumbling sub bass take over the space. A brief respite separates the two following breaks, each building upon the previous energy and production arrangement for an even more engaging few moments of bass bliss.

Click here to download the track for free!