Jaja Bu delivers on his promise; “Sweetness” is one of the sweetest things I’ve heard this summer. The Los Angeles based producer has created a gem of an R&B tune combining alluring guitar tones with analog synths and fluid percussion. The track walks the line of the emotions and lust he feels for someone, showing us his vulnerability as a person and as an artist.

Growing up playing the drums it makes sense that Jaja Bu’s debut single is rhythm heavy. Making use of smooth sounding plush synths alongside a wispy vocal is a perfect combination to make this R&B hit stay in your head. Throwing in little guitar noodles as fillers gives the track more depth and emotion, mirroring the emotionally weighted lyrics. As the chorus comes in, Jaja Bu explores some elements of trap as the synths become more percussive and bigger sub-heavy kicks cut through.

Check out the tune below: