Montreal must have some magical powers because it has produced a phenomenal producer. Well, the location and the fact that Anomalie has 17 years of classical and jazz training to back up his piano skills. His impressive knack for the piano shines through in his latest EP titled Métropole. Anomalie effortlessly blends elements of trap, hip hop, funk. jazz and classical music to create gorgeous works of art. We get to offer an exclusive first listen!

The eight track EP takes the listener on a soulful journey beginning with a piano only introductory track. Each track hammers in Anomalie’s signature sound, driving home the fact that this kid has a lot of talent. The first two singles off the EP, “Velours” and “Daybreak” have already gotten thousands of streams and rightfully so. The rest of the EP, while blending similar elements as the initial singles, offers the listener a new taste on what Anomalie has to offer. I must say, it is very excited to hear such musicality offered these days.

Check out the full EP below: