Konstantin, co-founder of record label Giegling, is getting press for all the wrong reasons after revealing his controversial outlook on women in electronic music.

(NOTE: If anti-feminist comments aren’t your thing, this might ruin your day.)

As the piece details, Konstantin divulged his sexist perspective on female DJs to a writer for Groove, which later showed up in a recently published article in the German magazineThough his comments are roughly translated from German by MixMag, his opinions are heard loud and clear.

The writer of the article blatantly states Konstantin’s views: “He finds it unfair that women are so heavily promoted, although they are in his opinion usually worse at DJing than men are.” Wow.

As if devaluing women in dance music and undermining the successes they have strived to accomplish wasn’t enough, Konstantin also thinks they must change their ways to make it. “Thus women who seek careers in male-dominated industries like the DJ business must lose their ‘female qualities’ and become ‘manly,'” the article continues. Ugh.

Comments like this are exactly the problem, and ultimately what hinder women in electronic music — not the supposed sub-par skills of female DJs. Get real.

Aurora Halal, who has had the displeasure of working with Konstantin, sounded off on Twitter following the article:

The Black Madonna also weighed in:

Someone needs to tell this guy to fuck right off, so I guess I’m going to be the girl to do it…

Fuck off, Konstantin.


Source: MixMag