Snapchat is changing the way we communicate with friends on social media and connect in real life, by introducing “Snap Map!”

The new feature, which debuts today, shows you where all the action is happening by uploading locations of snaps by your friends in real time. But, this isn’t a traditional map…

“This map isn’t about where am I, it’s about where are my friends and what are they up to? It’s not about figuring out how to get to your destination, but about discovering where you want to go,” Snapchat rep Jack Brody explained to Refinery 29.

Theoretically, with the help of “Snap Map,” you’ll never have to miss out on a cool show, afterparty, or any other event again… as long as your friends snap within enough time for you to get there. While we’d be far more likey to rush to the function if our favorite DJ was spinning, you’ll get the idea behind “Snap Map” from the video below!