Having some deep roots in Chicago and Detroit, it is inevitable that the new Gettoblaster EP will be a deep house sensation. Offering up two new booty shakin’ tracks, the duo has teamed up with Just Alexander and Q to make these tracks truly exceptional.

Out on Psych Disco! tomorrow, the two track EP begins with “Jello Booty”. If you’re thinking, “I should probably be standing up to listen to this track,” you are definitely right. The track immediately sucks you into its groove and will have your booty bouncin’ like jello in no time. The second track is packed with a huge bass line, crisp hi-hats, and playful samples. And just like the first track, “Bubble” will continue your dance session well into the night. These tracks are bound to be heard at all your favorite deep house sets at festivals this season.

Check out the EP below: