Attendees of Berlin’s ‘steampunk pirate’ themed festival Second Horizon had their music festival experience cut short following a shut-down by the local authorities just hours into the first day on Friday the 23rd. The shut-down comes following a meeting earlier this month when the local municipality had actually originally banned the festival on the grounds that it was a “threat to public security and order.

Regardless, fans streamed into the festival site Thursday evening and were allowed to remain in the festival grounds at Kiekebusch Lake overnight due to severe weather conditions. It’s also worth noting that the police had tweeted earlier in the week warning ticket-holders not to stay at the festival due to the nature of its ban. Unfortunately, the 2000 or so that didn’t heed this warning were swiftly sent home on Friday once weather conditions cleared up.

Festival organizers also filed an appeal to overturn the ban which was rejected due to a lack of permits on the organizer’s ends plus a myriad of paperwork-related errors.

H/T: THUMP | Feature Image: Sophie Streider