Future bass remains one of EDM’s biggest subgenres, but the formula and Flume knock-offs have prevented it from truly growing as of late. However, a rising duo by the name of Bells and Robes continue to make efforts to redefine the subgenre and add their own unique twist to it, and the experiment has paid off handsomely.

Hailing from Gainesville, Florida and now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bells and Robes launch their new record label Zen Fresh Records with the release of their new single “Purple Shower.” The label, which currently has over 2,000 followers on its Twitter and Soundcloud accounts respectively, signals a new age for Bells and Robes, a completely independent duo looking to push the boundaries of electronic music. “Purple Shower” marks a welcome debut for the label, punctuated by cascading synths, a psychedelic backdrop and a catchy vocal sample.

“We’ve always been very inspired by the sounds of the 60s and 70s psychedelic soul artists like Shuggie Otis and The Temptations,” said Bells and Robes. “We wanted to try to take some of the progressions and emotions those songs captured and add modern electronic and future bass elements. The result is our track, “Purple Shower.” The name comes from a Shuggie Otis lyric in the song “Strawberry Letter 23.””
With a new label comes a new platform for rising artists to share their music. “Anyone making psychedelic, soulful, future bass and electronica should definitely get in touch,” said Bells and Robes. For more details, check out their Soundcloud.

Listen to “Purple Shower” below: