Jameston Thieves and TWO OWLS have each made their mark in 2017, hitting massive events and festivals across the country while continually releasing refreshing new hits throughout the year. With TWO OWLS just off their hit remix for Mt Eden’s “Sierra Leone” and Jameston Thieves off his hit collab with Ghastly, each name brings something unique to the table. Teaming up to combine their musical prowess, the two artists come together for their hit new release “Last Laugh.”

A collaborative effort coupling infectious and heavy hitting bass lines with a wild and experimental top end that will leave masses in absolute astonishment, preparing fans with a near video game-esque intro and melodic vocals which leave you in anticipation for a neck breaking drop. While this may mark the first of the two rising producers collabing together, we hope this is not the last as the chemistry on this track is absolutely wild.

Make sure to check it out below and snag the free download ASAP!