Though it’s only been two weeks since EDC Las Vegas, people are already starting to get sentimental. If that sounds like it could be you then I’ve got just the thing for you courtesy of Reddit user /u/stealthyd3vil. The redditor took every single song played out from the festival and compiled it into one nifty Spotify playlist, ‘EDC LV 2017 🔥.’ The playlists spanned close to 1800 songs, 1783 to be precise and streaming the entire thing would take you 120 hours and 26 minutes, but that’s what the long weekend is for right?

Of course, not every song is available. Mashups, bootlegs, VIPs, IDs, and the like aren’t available on Spotify, but at this point, we’re just nitpicking. Kudos to /u/stealthyd3vil for taking the time and effort to undertake such a gargantuan task.

H/T: Reddit | Feature Image: aLIVE Coverage