Deadmau5 has discovered the deepest, darkest depths of his sound with his latest unreleased track, which is undoubtedly a must-listen!

Fans are referring to it under the working title “Midas’s Heel,” after the legendary producer live streamed the song, which potentially doubles as an insult toward The Chainsmokers, at least according to these tweets:

It’s easy to get caught up in Deadmau5’s snark, but the real story here is the incredible soundscape put forth by the producer with “Midas’s Heel.”

The song, boasting a hip-hop infused, industrial beat, sinister scratches, and the dirtiest, dubbiest, wubs completely shakes what’s expected of a Deadmau5 track, leading us into the darker side of his artistry. His ability to completely reinvent himself, while remaining true to the structure and progressive nature of his productions, is a glaring representation of his mastery of electronic music.

Somehow, through the deep growls and cuttable tension, you can hear “Midas’s Heel” undeniably screams Deadmau5! Take a listen!



Photo via Rukes