One of the most well-known festivals in the world, Glastonbury Festival, is being accused of firing employees who traveled from across Europe, after just two days of work — leaving many stranded and unemployed outside of the festival.

According to The Independent, Glastonbury organizers took advantage of approximately 600 people signed up as “litter pickers” who were expecting to undergo two weeks of employment for cleanup post-festival. However, these zero hours contracts didn’t protect them when the large-scale cleanup operation on Worthy Farm in South West England was cut short.

Glastonbury 2017’s beautiful weather, and use of charity workers and on-site litter crews during the festival caused less accumulation of trash. Still, the influx of workers ultimately fell under the responsibility of the event, which is why workers became outraged.

In a video of the protest below, obtained by The Independent, workers demanded to at least be fed before they were forced to leave the grounds, while another worker said they should be grateful even for the two days of work.

To give you a sense of the amount of garbage typically collected, check out the aftermath of Glastonbury 2016 here!