Matroda has to be one of the hardest working artists in dance music right now. Putting out lots of new music is no easy feat, and Matroda seems to do it with ease. With every release unique to the point that Matroda’s music rarely sounds “the same,” each song also stays true to Matroda’s now signature style.

The BO$$ EP is a two-track EP consisting “BO$$” and “Back to the Basics.” “BO$$” is a more minimalistic track, featuring a dark break and groovy drop. With few elements in the break and build, tension builds quickly while moving towards the massive, full-bodied drop. “Back to the Basics” follows a similar style through the break, but switches up completely in the drop. The movement of the drop synths is addictive, and will stand out among every other track in a house set. Both tracks feature a Daft Punk-esque vocoder in the second breaks, uniquely used in both tracks.

Stream Matroda’s “BO$$” EP out on Dim Mak below!