Snapchat‘s new feature — Snap Map — might be the social media app’s saving grace!

At least, according to tech analyst Mark Mahaney, who told CNBC, “If they continue to do that kind of thing, and they need to do it, they’ll escape the kind of the death star that is Google and Facebook.”

And, he’s probably right. Not only did Snapchat make using the application more fun by introducing the new, incredibly catchy feature, it completely reinvented the way users decide where and when to connect with their friends in real life, based on their location.

However, Snap has faced extreme concerns

Creating brand new ways for people to engage with each other socially is what it’s all about! If Snapchat can keep things fresh, the way Facebook has time and time again, it will be another mainstay in the social media world.

Source: CNBC