Over 1,000 people met up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wayne’s World in Aurora, IL, and got the party going by breaking the Guinness World Record for headbanging!

As an orchestra played out Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody” — clearly the best song option for basic white people to headbang to — the crowd officially became the world’s largest display of headbanging on record.

This is cute and all, but if you’ve ever been to an Excision show, you know that this record has been absolutely crushed a number of times. If you’re looking for a true display of headbanging, we recommend hitting up Lost Lands at Legend Valley in Thronville, Ohio at the end of September.

Party on, Wayne!


PARTY ON, AURORA!! Watch as more than 1,000 people head-bang in unison to break a Guinness World Record! http://abc7.ws/2tS4Syu

Publicado por ABC 7 Chicago em Quarta, 5 de julho de 2017