#Z3 is still probably a long way off, but fans can assume that a few of Zedd’s most recent singles will be on his next album. Next up on that list is the summery, tropical new single with Liam Payne called “Get Low.”

The track is definitely made for summer, and Zedd was pretty on point as describing it as one of his most “urban” tracks to date. This is also the furthest he’s strayed from “conventional” EDM, more so than “Stay,” bordering on Calvin Harris-esque style of production.

The production itself is fairly simple and repetitive, counting on the vibe of summer and Payne’s vocals to carry the track from start to finish. But it never really hits a climax or resolution, and as such, never really truly captures my attention. I find myself needing to listen to it multiple times just to get an accurate feeling of the song because, honestly, it’s not all that memorable.

If this track is to be part of Zedd’s next album, I imagine it would be placed near to the end, after the biggest track of the album, and before the last couple of tracks, a neat placement that serves to keep things moving but is ultimately just a placeholder.

Listen to Zedd’s collab with One Direction star Liam Payne below.