As festival season is now fully underway, ID Reveal Season is now upon us as well!

(It’s a thing, shut up.)

Alesso first debuted this track at Ultra this year in his set at the main stage, and fans have been clamoring for it ever since. “Move Like That” is a barreling bass house tune with lots of energy in the synths and drums. With the first drop, you definitely get a taste of what a harder Alesso could sound like, but then you get to the second synth which hits double time and you really get a new appreciation for the Swede.

Though there’s a significant amount of energy in the track, as mentioned before, we’re still left with a feeling like the track is somewhat bland. We love Alesso here, but play this track in a blind listen test, and you could never tell it’s him behind the production. We love when an artist puts their own identity into their tracks and unfortunately we just don’t see it here.

That being said, Alesso now has his own bass house weapon to unleash on crowds at his shows, and we can’t fault him for it. Check out “Move Like That” below, and grab the free download if you’re feeling it!


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