We’ve so far heard two singles from Mass Manipulation, Rezz’s forthcoming debut album. “Relax” was first and rightly so, after being so terribly sought after by fans. Next up was “Diluted Brains” which we premiered with great honor. Now, fans can listen to “Premonition.”

The track, made in collaboration with knodis, moves slightly away from the darker, crazy, sound design porn of the first two tracks and moves into a more classic driving electro rhythm. More than anything before, this track brings forth similarities to Gesaffelstein, as noted by Dancing Astronaut, as well.

The pounding rhythm of the track really cannot be understated, and is likely what will be most perceptible by fans of the track. Influences from Gesaffelstein are there, as we already mentioned, but you can also hear some Nero or Alesia. It’s atmospheric and electrifying to no end.

Check out “Premonition” below.

There is still one more single from the album to be released next week; the following week will see the full release of Mass Manipulation on August 4.


Photo via www.prolophoto.com