Canada is a peaceful and beautiful country yet they seem to breed monsters in the dubstep scene with new bloods like INF1N1TE and Konus coming up. With a fresh remix of “Thief” by Pavlo that snaps necks and causes nosebleeds, it’s no wonder these two have been putting out a slew of excruciatingly savage bass tracks.

Pavlo originally released Thief just over 7 months ago, and it carries a much more simplistic and club influenced vibe with less variation than the product we have today. The obvious fact to state would be that we have a ripping dubstep remix from a mainstage, big room style track but let’s not be redundant.

INF1N1TE and Konus take the original house track and completely flip it by providing several more layers, textured bass hits and growls that have a power level OVER 9000!!! Any shred of the original track is hardly discernible from this headbang-inducing drop that takes over your spinal column with ease. Bass heads everywhere can  appreciate how each aspect of the song adds fuel to the fire and the attention to detail is breath taking. From snarling sound design to raw, metal influenced drum patterns the rage is real within this tune.

Snag this remix as a free download off INF1N1TE’s SoundCloud.