If you’re a techno or house head of the highest degree, but don’t quite have the time to dig through new music on the daily, and you like to go to clubs frequently, there’s an app for you.

While that may seem like a rather narrow niche, thousands of people should find a lot of use in an app called Refine. The app works by keeping track of the techno and house music being played in clubs and talked about on the internet, and then loads the tracks in the app via Spotify and Soundcloud.

Resembling functionality in dating apps like Tinder, users can then swipe left or right based on their tastes, and the app will provide a new arrangement of suggested artists to suit your needs.

At the moment, Refine focuses solely on house and techno, though we hope there’s room for expanded tastes in the future.

Check out how it works and download the app from the Refine website here.