Hardwell found himself in a spot of trouble over the Adriatic Sea following Ultra Europe when his private jet experienced technical difficulties. According to sources, the pilot announced around 30 minutes into the flight that the flaps had some sort of mechanical failure. Due to the weight of the plane at the time, they had to fly in circles in order to burn fuel to land without crashing.

Luckily, Afrojack was on the ground back in Split waiting for his own plane to leave. When Hardwell called and asked if he could hitch a ride, it was no problem. Hardwell’s original itinerary had him heading back to the Netherlands, but Afrojack was headed to Crete, where he was to play at Hersonissos.

According to Afrojack’s manager, the two also managed to find time to work on music together during the short flight. “What exactly they produced together, we don’t know yet… But people can expect that they may release something today,” he said.

One passenger on the plane, exasperated after they were finally on the ground, said, “You haven’t lived until you think you’re gonna crash.” Ultimately, we assume Hardwell made it to his final destination safely, but what a trip!


via AD.nl