We’ve always wondered just how amazing it would be if RL Grime and Flume were to collaborate and now we have reason to believe we’re about to find out!

The producers are now living in the same city, which obviously makes it worlds easier to work together.

“I’ve been good friends with him for a long time, four, five years now,” RL Grime explained to triple j Breakfast. “I hope we do something together soon. He just moved to LA and we’ve been chatting a bunch about working together, so hopefully.”

They both have been known to play out each other’s music… Flume has built up his “Core” edit with What So Not into one of the most exciting focal points of his set. If you’ve seen him in 2017 you’ve come to know, expect and live for the red/blue flashing lights that consume the crowd during the massive drop — right after everyone shouts out, “Who do the shit that I do?!”

Much like Flume, RL Grime has been experimenting with live edits… He recently uploaded a “Never Be Like Aurora” live edit to SoundCloud, mashing up their tracks into pure magic. RL Grime’s dirty trap mastery paired with Flume’s original, futuristic arrangements make for something equally interesting and beautiful.

RL Grime – “Never Be Like Aurora” (Live Edit)

RL Grime 2017 Tour Dates

RL Grime is set to embark on his biggest AU/NZ tour yet (info here) and his NA Nova Tour (info here) will be an unmissable show for any true Grime fan!

H/T Run The Trap | Photo via RL Grime