Submerge with us momentarily, into a realm we’ve encountered more than once before. It’s dark, it’s familiar and engulfed in a permeating feeling of neuro solitude. The sinister soundscapes circle your headspace like a pack of hungry wolves, and the ones responsible are Des McMahon Logam.

Part of his official release of the EP aptly-titled Delirium, the dark mastermind himself has teamed up with label boss/ Ram Records artist Logam for a collaboration to remember.

The tune itself starts with an ominous ascension of energy. As the tensions rise and the collective parallels of their own minds come forth, the signature snare build that Des is known for blasts through like a bat out of hell. Before long, chaos ensues with one of the deepest roller drops I’ve ever bared witness to. If you’re into the darker parameters of the drum and bass ecosystem, this one is entirely for you.

Keep a steady watch on these two. The album is set for official release July 27th with Beatport exclusivity, worldwide August 10th.