Slander makes their return to Never Say Die with a new collaboration featuring Stoltenhoff called “We Out,” out today.

Following up their last release on the label, “After All,” might be a challenge for some producers – but not for Slander. And best of all, they didn’t even try to one up “After All,” they went balls out in a new direction and it’s fantastic. Starting out with some raucous drums and synths, the tempo switches up and gets a bit rhythmic. At no point does the track lose any energy.

Stoltenhoff is a young newcomer from Denmark who puts his own mark on the track, imbuing it with an additional flavor profile that should leave you satisfied and complimenting the chef. He just performed his first ever DJ set at Tomorrowland 2017, so there’s no question there’s big things to come.

Check out “We Out” below.


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