Month after month, track after track, Dirty Audio continues to live up to his name. The LA-based producer/DJ has not always been known for his glitchy dubstep-infused brand of trap music, but has definitely gained industry-wide recognition for this new style. Just in the last couple years Dirty Audio has landed releases on Mad Decent, Ultra Monstercat, done official remixes for Steve AokiDJ Snake Yellow Claw, and get a BBC Radio 1 feature with his “Diplo & Friends” mix… and that’s just the beginning of it.

With everything looking up from here out, Dirty Audio has humbly released his new single “Firewalker” totally free as a gift to his fans. The track packs some serious punch in its short running length, taking wide influence from festival trap and dubstep, all while keeping Dirty Audio’s signature elements as its primary driving force. “Firewalker” – simply said – defines everything that is great about festival music in 2017… Don’t miss out on this one!

In addition to the song’s release, Dirty Audio sat down with us to answer a few questions. You can find the full interview below:

How was the production process behind “Firewalker” different from other songs you’ve made?

For “Firewalker,” the breakdowns and drops were all made in separate sessions. Originally, the flute part was going to be a hip-hop beat, and the drop was just me messing around with new sounds I made. Then I realized they were both in the same key and tempo, so I combined the ideas and “Firewalker'” was born. I think it’s really dope to mix ideas and riffs that weren’t originally supposed to go together because a lot of times you can come up with something really cool that you might have not thought of otherwise!

You’ve worked with Deorro in the past. He seems to have taken a whole new direction with his music, what are your thoughts on the whole deal?

Deorro’s one of my earliest mentors, and one of my really good friends. I’m excited to see one of my good friends progress musically. I love the new direction!

It seems you’ve made Monstercat your new home for releases. What in particular makes them an attractive label to you?

Monstercat’s a really dope label! The whole team is awesome and they
do a really good job at putting out music. Also, they don’t take forever to release music which is really cool. I’m independent right now, which is awesome because it gives me the freedom to release my music anywhere.

To those who haven’t seen you live, how would you describe your general mixing style? Are there certain genres you stick to more than others?

I would consider my sets “bass,” but I don’t box my sets into just one style or genre. I try to take the people on a musical journey, and try to make them feel something. Sometimes – depending on what city I’m performing in – I’ll throw in other genres!

What’s your go-to snack while touring?

Lately I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables on the road. I read somewhere that eating water based fruits & veggies helps your body with jet lag and dehydration… But – realistically – most of the time I’m eating chips or candy. When I’m touring other countries I’ll try to eat something special in that city. It’s really dope to be able to embrace other cultures from around the world.

Everyone wants to know… What’s the secret ingredient to your world-famous “Alien Cookies?”

Alien Cookies” is actually a cannabis strain! I really liked the strain, and I thought the name was really cool so I ended up naming one of my songs after it. “Gorilla Glue” is another cannabis strain I named one of my songs after… I’ve been smokin’ on that gorilla glue!

Not to be weird, but word on the street is you have excellent taste in socks…

Yes! Sock game always has to be strong… I want to make “Dirty Audio” merch socks soon.

Before we go, is there any exciting news regarding touring or music you want to share?

Got some insane collabs and remixes coming soon, and some amazing festivals I hope to see everyone at! Also will be back in Australia later this year. Much love!

“Firewalker” is out now. Grab a free download here!