Endless imagination and intrigue shape BlackGummy‘s latest EP, Monolith — the final arc in the trifecta of the mysterious producer’s recent work that also includes his Singularity and Impactor EPs.

BlackGummy takes a minimalistic yet monumental approach to his production that’s only fully fathomable when consumed with an open mind and some good headphones. The mau5trap release, Monolith EP, challenges the status quo of music through sound and interpretation. The four tracks are inspired by the symbols and shrines through which humans have strived to communicate the meaning of life.

“I was really inspired by looking at humanity’s interaction with three of the most important things that have affected it’s growth and development: technology, its home (earth) and symbols,” BlackGummy explained how his 3-EP project derived.

“The whole symbol thing is even more interesting for me maybe because of the styles of music I produce. It’s kinda similar to these big ominous statues and figurines that a bunch of different cultures have created over the history of the earth. They don’t speak (at least, I haven’t seem them speak), but humans still see and place value in them. And my songs generally don’t have lyrics, so, to a certain extent, listeners are kinda doing the same thing.”

BlackGummy is neither person nor thing; it is an entity that was first born when Los Angeles-based producer Iman Marouf discovered the entity during a trip to Asia and the Middle East. The man and the idol instantaneously became intertwined to the point that each was an extension of the other, and BlackGummy as we know him was created.

As for his architectural sound design, he constantly shakes up his productions, creative process, and environment by exploring, searching, traveling, and listening to music from various cultures.

“Inspiration is everywhere, it all comes down to your perspective. It’s key to stay open minded no matter how strong your core values are or how unknown/culturally different something is.”

Rather than describe these four tracks of the Monolith EP with mere words, we urge you to just delve in and experience it for yourself!

BlackGummy – Monolith EP

3: The relationship between humans and the symbols to which they ascribe meaning…

BlackGummy – Impactor EP

2: The relationship between earth and life, including pre-human life, inspired by the KT Impactor asteroid that wiped out all of the dinosaurs…

BlackGummy – Singularity EP

1: The theoretical moment in time when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence…

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