“Break Your Skull” is a two track Kannibalen Records EP from European electro aces Lektrique and Proxy. As expected, it rises to embody its name.

Russian producer Proxy has made a name for himself over the last decade as a mysterious maestro comfortable with creating unusual and inexplicably extraordinary beats. His strangely spellbinding sound has commanded dance floors all over the world. Proxy’s signature sound is as dark as it is beautiful. It’s hallmarked with futuristic vibes, razor-sharp hooks, hypnotic breakdowns, and jagged synths. He asserts, “My music tells you what to do, but never why. Your ear may be afraid, but your body completes its labour.”

His eclectic energy integrates seamlessly with that of Belgian producer Lektrique, who’s dynamic production capability has been showcased in various Kannibalen releases. He can also be found hosting Kannibalen’s Radio Podcast, which features “the bloodiest new tracks, exclusives, and guest mixes by talented producers of [their] choosing.” He’s earned a reputation not only as an excellent producer, but also as a tastemaker with an ear for groundbreaking original music.

He shares, “Proxy is one of the first artists that inspired me to make music back in 2006. After 11 years, us making this EP together is so satisfying. I feel its a perfect marriage of the sound that inspired me back then and the innovative sound of 2017 that I aim for.”

This EP pairs Proxy’s incomparable signature sound with Lektrique’s next level bass design and magnetic melodies. It opens with “Break Your Skull,” which is as laid back as it is aggressive. This track is charged with booming bass, which keeps your head bobbing long after the music stops. True to its title, it holds an addictive property that assaults your mind and melts your speakers.

We’re then hit with “Yow,” which kicks the energy up several notches. Reminiscent of old school European warehouse vibes, it winds effortlessly through serpentine buildups and turbocharged dance-floor worthy drops. Its explosive energy both compliments and contrasts the more chill nature of the first tune.

“Break Your Skull” is available for stream and download now. Join the madness.