2016 saw a marvelous tour put on by none other than Lane 8. This year, he launched a label by the same name of his 2016 tour called This Never Happened. The label focuses on the music that inspires and influences Lane 8 from artists such as Anderholm, Khåen & Limara. As a matter of fact, these are the first acts that were signed to the label and will be released on the label’s first ever compilation. 

Root to Branch Volume 1 isn’t out yet, but to help give us a taste of what to expect, the first single was released last week. The single “Nostalgia” by Limara explores the melodies and grooves of house music, harking back to the days where instrumentation and soul guided music. This is the artist’s first release, maintaining a level of mystery behind it. The entire compilation will feature two tracks from each new label signee as well as a new track from Lane 8, all out on August 25th. Stay tuned!

For now, take a breather and relax to this new jam by Limara: