We have been keeping an eye on these guys for a while and now with a massive remix of  ‘Voodoo People,’ JETFIRE continues to push the electronic boundaries by going psy trance for a change.

The duo previously released a progressive house remix of Clean Bandit’s “Symphony,” and a trap remix of JD’s “Swalla.” The duo talked about expanding horizons and trying out new areas of music.

But music wasn’t all that was going well for the team. Recently they played the iconic Tomorrowland, and with that, wanted to put out something different.

Since the team is Israeli and Belgian and has psy trance roots in Israel, and with the international booming popularity of psy trance, it was quickly decided they wanted to do a production in that style. And what better tune than Prodigy’s “Voodoo People” to do this one.

Adding their signature sounds and typical soundtracky signature to the remix, the result turned into piece of art with ethnic breaks and three different drops.

Sit back and enjoy this stellar remix.


Photo via Yosi Mamia