Dillon Francis released the first set of “Say Less” remixes at the end of May, more than 3 months ago – although, we say “set” but it was really just Eptic and Gorgon City. That being said, if you’ve been to a bass show in the last 3 months, there’s about a 99% chance you’ve heard Eptic’s remix go off and we still absolutely love it.

That being said, Dillon just released a considerably more hefty second round of “Say Less” remixes, including one we’ve been waiting for since he teased it on his Instagram recap of EDC Vegas this year.┬áThere are seven remixes on the EP, including an instrumental version of the track. The rest of the remixes come from Eliminate, Casper & B., ETC!ETC!, Lunice, Madhatter!, and finally Moksi and Dillon Francis himself – the latter being our most anticipated.

However, defying the odds, it’s Eliminate’s remix which is the most played as of now. Eliminate is enjoying success at the moment for his massive “Snake Bite VIP” which has been played out by nearly every bass DJ in the past 9 months since its release. Now, he can add his Dillon Francis remix to his ever-expanding repertoire of tracks.

Check out all the remixes below.


Photo via Jas Davis