We all have our musical idols – even if you’re in music yourself. Whether it’s Porter Robinson, Steve Duda, Virtual Riot or whoever else, acknowledgement from one of those individuals has got to mean a whole lot.

Now, we wouldn’t assume that Madeon is an idol of Rezz’s, but we wouldn’t put it outside the realm of possibility either. That being said, when Madeon sent Rezz a message on Twitter saying, “You’re the most exciting new project in this world to me,” whoa… that’s gotta give you chills.

Rezz recently shared a DM conversation between her and Madeon, though Madeon’s messages are the only ones shown, that demonstrates just how far her reach has gone in this industry. Madeon, who’s known to be currently working on his second album, says he’s “excited to see what [Rezz will] do in the coming years,” and we have to agree with him.

Check out his full praise of Rezz below.

Thank u madeon. I love this guy.

Posted by REZZ on Monday, August 14, 2017


Photo via www.prolophoto.com